Digital Computer Technology Pattern Bg

Professional Course

Game Development

Duration : 6 Months Fee :50,000/- Only
2 Day Demo Class
Boost Your Career in Game Development Learn to make video games using Unity for Web, Mac, and PC. Unity is the world's leading free game development tool. We start very simple, so you don't need any coding experience!

What You'll Learn:
This program teaches you about new trends with a focus on gameplay basics, in-class workshops, and weekly design updates. You’ll work on a project in an area you’re interested in, creating polished work that shows your unique style.

Digital Computer Technology Pattern Bg

Course Overview

You’ll study the design of classic games and new ones
like Angry Birds and Portal to understand how video games
are made. Through classes and hands-on projects, you’ll learn
about 2D and 3D graphics, animation, sound, and collision detection.
You’ll use tools like Unity and LÖVE 2D, and
languages like Lua and C#.

Course Details:
1. Getting to know the Unity interface
2. Learning the basic elements of the Unity engine
3. Developing your first games
4. Joining a supportive community of like-minded people

Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course
Program Details

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Digital Computer Technology App Development Course


Digital Computer Technology App Development Course


Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course


Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course

c/C++ Languages

Digital Computer Technology App Development Course

java script

Digital Computer Technology App Development Course


Digital Computer Technology App Development Course


Digital Computer Technology App Development Course


Digital Computer Technology App Development Course


Course Structure

  • Class 1. Html Introduction
  • Class 2. Html Basic
  • Class 3. Html Elements
  • Class 4. Html Attribute
  • Class 5. Html Headings
  • Class 6. Html Color
  • Class 7. Html Link
  • Class 8. Html Image
  • Class 9. Html Favicon
  • Class 10. Html Lists
  • Class 11. Html Iframe
  • Class 12. Html Table
  • Class 13. Html Form
  • Class 14. Html Graphics
  • Class 15. Html Media
  • Class 16. Html References
  • Class 1. Css Introduction
  • Class 2. Css Basic
  • Class 2. Css Syntax
  • Class 3. Css Selectors
  • Class 4. Css Background
  • Class 5. Css Border,Comment
  • Class 6. Css Margin,Padding
  • Class 7. Css Height,Width
  • Class 8. Css Box Modal,Text
  • Class 9. Css Font,Icon,Link,Lists
  • Class 10. Css Tables,Display,Position
  • Class 11. Css Pseudu-Class-Element
  • Class 12. Css Navigation Bar,Dropdowns
  • Class 13. Css Advanced
  • Class 14. Css Responshive
  • Class 15. Css References

    C/C++ Language TOPIC
  • Class 1. C/C++ Introduction
  • Class 2. C/C++ Tutorial
  • Class 3. C/C++ Installation
  • Class 4. C/C++ Variable
  • Class 5. C/C++ DataType,Keywords
  • Class 6. C/C++ Operators,Expression
  • Class 7. C/C++ Control Statement
  • Class 8. C/C++ Function
  • Class 9. C/C++ Array
  • Class 10. C/C++ Pointer
  • Class 11. C/C++ Object Class
  • Class 12. C/C++ Namespaces,Strings
  • Class 13. C/C++ File & Stream
  • Class 14. C/C++ Programs
  • Class 15. C/C++ Inheritance
    JavaScript TOPIC
  • Class 1. Set Up Your Environment
  • Class 2. NativeScript
  • Class 2. jQuery Mobile
  • Class 3. Meteor
  • Class 4. React Native
  • Class 5. Sencha
  • Class 6. Ionic
  • Class 7. Angular
  • Class 8. React
  • Class 9. Mobile Angular UI
  • Class 10. Apache Cordova
  • Class 11. Ionic
  • Class 12. Angular JS

"App Development: The Evolution of Apps" delves into the dynamic landscape of mobile applications. It explores the trajectory of app development, from its humble beginnings to the cutting-edge technologies shaping its future. The content navigates through pivotal trends, such as AI integration, AR/VR experiences, and cross-platform development. It examines the emerging technologies like blockchain and edge computing reshaping the app ecosystem. Additionally, it outlines strategic tactics for developers to stay ahead, including agile methodologies and user-centric design principles. With insights into market shifts and user behavior, this content serves as a roadmap for navigating.

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