Digital Computer Technology Pattern Bg

Professional Course

Web Development

Duration : 6 Months Fee :50,000/- Only
2 Day Demo Class
Elevate Your Career with Full Stack Web Development Training
If you want to pursue a career as a full-stack developer, back-end
or front-end developer, or web designer, our program is perfect for you. You'll learn valuable skills that are highly sought after in the industry.

What You'll Learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, Docker, Protractor,
Building complete websites, Testing and deploying code,
Storing data with MongoDB

Digital Computer Technology Pattern Bg

Course Overview

Access to content and videos for life Learn over 20 essential tools and skills Work on 10 lesson-end and 4 phase-end projects Get 150 hours of instructor-led training Live project training included JobAssist program connects you with top hiring companies

Course Details:
1. This program focuses on Full Stack Web Development
2. teaching you key skills such as Angular,
3. Node.js GIT, HTML, CSS,
4. JavaScript, Python, SQL, React,
5. Redux, and Django API
6. By the end, you'll be able to build and deploy interactive web applications and services.

Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course
Program Details

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Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course


Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course


Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course

Tailwind Css

Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course


Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course

c/C++ Languages

Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course

java script

Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course


Digital Computer Technology Web Development Course


Course Structure

  • Class 1. Html Introduction
  • Class 2. Html Basic
  • Class 3. Html Elements
  • Class 4. Html Attribute
  • Class 5. Html Headings
  • Class 6. Html Color
  • Class 7. Html Link
  • Class 8. Html Image
  • Class 9. Html Favicon
  • Class 10. Html Lists
  • Class 11. Html Iframe
  • Class 12. Html Table
  • Class 13. Html Form
  • Class 14. Html Graphics
  • Class 15. Html Media
  • Class 16. Html References
  • Class 1. Css Introduction
  • Class 2. Css Basic
  • Class 2. Css Syntax
  • Class 3. Css Selectors
  • Class 4. Css Background
  • Class 5. Css Border,Comment
  • Class 6. Css Margin,Padding
  • Class 7. Css Height,Width
  • Class 8. Css Box Modal,Text
  • Class 9. Css Font,Icon,Link,Lists
  • Class 10. Css Tables,Display,Position
  • Class 11. Css Pseudu-Class-Element
  • Class 12. Css Navigation Bar,Dropdowns
  • Class 13. Css Advanced
  • Class 14. Css Responshive
  • Class 15. Css References

    C/C++ Language TOPIC
  • Class 1. C/C++ Introduction
  • Class 2. C/C++ Tutorial
  • Class 3. C/C++ Installation
  • Class 4. C/C++ Variable
  • Class 5. C/C++ DataType,Keywords
  • Class 6. C/C++ Operators,Expression
  • Class 7. C/C++ Control Statement
  • Class 8. C/C++ Function
  • Class 9. C/C++ Array
  • Class 10. C/C++ Pointer
  • Class 11. C/C++ Object Class
  • Class 12. C/C++ Namespaces,Strings
  • Class 13. C/C++ File & Stream
  • Class 14. C/C++ Programs
  • Class 15. C/C++ Inheritance
    JavaScript TOPIC
  • Class 1. Js Introduction
  • Class 2. Js Statements
  • Class 2. Js Syntax
  • Class 3. Js Comments,Variables
  • Class 4. Js Operators,Datatype
  • Class 5. Js Function,Objects
  • Class 6. Js Strings,Arrays
  • Class 7. Js Control Statement
  • Class 8. Js Box Modal,Text
  • Class 9. Js Keywords
  • Class 10. Js Arrow Function
  • Class 11. Js Html Dom
  • Class 12. Js Browser Bom
  • Class 13. Js Vs Jquery
  • Class 14. Js References
  • Class 15. Js Projects Work

"Mastering Coding Basics is a meticulously crafted course tailored for individuals keen on website development. It delves into the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, providing a solid groundwork for constructing dynamic and visually captivating websites. Through a combination of engaging tutorials, practical exercises, and real-world examples, learners gain hands-on experience in crafting responsive layouts, styling elements, and implementing interactive features. Whether you're a novice stepping into the world of coding or an enthusiast aiming to enhance your web development skills, this course offers a structured learning path to bolster your proficiency. From understanding the structure of web pages to leveraging CSS for design flexibility and incorporating JavaScript for interactivity, each module is designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring a gradual yet comprehensive mastery of essential coding principles. By the end of the course, participants emerge equipped with the knowledge and confidence to create professional-grade websites that not only meet but exceed modern web standards."

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